GeoSolutions International

Welcome to GeoSolutions. GeoSolutions International (K) Ltd has over the years curved a niche in the geo-information industry. Starting with a humble one man consultancy status, it has grown to a team of international professionals dedicated to providing geo-positioning solutions in areas of geodetic control, datum transformation solutions, topographical and engineering mapping, GPS training and equipment initialization etc. In addition the firm also provides consultancy on matters related to IT e.g. specialised software modelling especially with clientèle keen to develop the geo-marketing concept for optimal product impact. Other areas of specialization are gravity field determination and modelling as applied in mine surveys. The firm also collaborates with a local professional partner to offer services on title cadastre within the local regulatory and legal framework as an assistant. In the year 2015, we plan to have even bigger service delivery to all our esteemed readers, collaborators(HI-TARGET), contributers and clients.

We have made new steps in our quest to find the best solutions for our customers.

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